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Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode – What’s the difference (Explained)

Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode – What’s the difference (Explained)

Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode can handle your upcoming Launching of website & site offline page. Responsive Coming Soon plugin is provide you creative and well-crafted Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode Page. This is often an ingenious, modern, easy to customize, professional, and responsive WORDPRESS coming soon Plugin with clean organized code.

What Is a Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon page or construction page may be a particular webpage that provides visitors a preview of what’s coming soon while performing on your site behind the scenes. The bulk of coming soon pages also include several features to assist you market your website before launch.

When to Use a Coming Soon Page

The best time to use a coming soon plugin is when you’re within the process of building a replacement website. Once you put your coming soon notice up, you’ll hide your site until it’s ready.

Coming soon page example from Seedprod

Building a coming soon page also gives you a start in getting your site ranked by Google and other search engines.

You can learn more about using search engines to extend your traffic during this ultimate SEO guide.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page

One of the simplest ways to make a coming soon page is to use a landing page builder that has coming soon functionality like SeedProd.

Support coming mode in Word Press using SeedProd

With a coming soon page plugin you create use of the subsequent features:

Design elements: Prelaunch pages hide the messy construction side of your website, which might otherwise put visitors off.

Lead generation: The SeedProd landing page and coming soon page plugin include the power to display subscription forms you’ll use to gather email addresses and grow your email list.

Social media: the simplest coming soon pages have options to display social follow and social media sharing buttons to assist you grow your audience before launch.

Launch countdown: This feature in coming soon page plugins to notify visitors of when your site goes live. This creates urgency and inspires anticipation.

Contact forms: Most pre-launch plugins include contact forms so users can get in-tuned and ask questions.

Take a glance at the subsequent coming soon page examples for inspiration and concepts when creating yours.

What Is Maintenance Mode?

A maintenance mode page may be a notice shown to visitors when you’re making small changes to your website. Maintenance mode, which is usually mentioned as WP maintenance mode, returns a header code (503) to notify search engines that your website is under maintenance, so it doesn’t negatively affect your site’s reputation.

It’s also good practice to feature a message to your website maintenance page, telling visitors that your site is temporarily unavailable.

When to Enable Maintenance Mode

The best time to enable WP maintenance mode on your website is once you make minor changes or updates to your site.

When to enable WP maintenance mode

When you want to vary your Word Press theme without breaking your site, you’ll use a short lived maintenance mode page.

If you’re adding a web store section to your website, you’ll want to check it before making it viewable. Therein instance, you’ll enable maintenance mode for Woo Commerce.

Turning on maintenance mode is sweet practice once you update Word Press plugins just in case something goes wrong with the update and your site breaks.

How to Set Your Website in Maintenance Mode

You can use a maintenance mode plugin to place your site into maintenance mode.

SeedProd is that the best Word Press plugin for enabling both maintenance mode and a coming soon page separately in Word Press. Meaning you won’t got to add 2 different plugins to your site and may activate either mode as and once you got to.

Fixed up a maintenance mode page with SeedProd

You can also use it to password protect your site while under development, so you’ll show your clients the landing pages you’re performing on without displaying it to the general public.

Not to mention, SeedProd may be a powerful landing page builder that allows you to create any sort of landing page in its visual drag and drop builder.

Difference between coming soon and maintenance mode

When it comes right down to it, here are the critical differences between Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode:

Coming soon mode is for hiding a site while it’s under construction, then search engines can index the page before you launch.

Maintenance mode is for little updates and changes to your site and tells visitors your website is under maintenance and can be back again soon. It also sends a 503 notification to look engines, telling them the downtime is temporary.

On the opposite hand, if you employ Maintenance Mode when your site is launching, Google won’t index your site.

Top 9 Coming Soon Plugins for Word Press

  • SeedProd
  • EZP Coming Soon
  • Under Construction Page
  • Coming Soon WP
  • Ignite Up
  • WP Maintenance Mode
  • Easy Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Maintenance Mode

Conclusion: If you’re launching your website and need to make a Coming soon vs. Maintenance mode page or if you’re taking place for maintenance, a plugin with both options may be a good selection. Choosing the incorrect one could have a really bad impact on your SEO efforts and cause headaches for you and your clients.

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