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How to copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues

How to copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues

Word Press’ visual editor is ideal for writing up content quickly, and ensuring that it’s formatted to your exact requirements. However, some people prefer to use a third-party solution instead, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The matter is that this will introduce when copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues.

It’s important to take care when copying over external content, and to require care of any formatting errors which may play havoc together with your page layouts. Fortunately, Word Press offers many ways to extend your efficiency when it involves formatting content correctly.

This post will first check out how Word Press handles third-party content within the editor. Then we’ll introduce some shortcuts that you simply can use to hurry up the creation process.

Copying From Word to Word Press

However, others have a preferred text editor they want to use, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Hemingway, and so on.

When copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues in content from these tools, however, you’ll find yourself introducing formatting issues. For instance, you’ll see rogue code, or extra spacing between characters.

To minimize this issue, whenever you paste content into Word Press, you ought to switch to the Text editor by clicking on the dedicated tab in your post or page:

Fix common word press errors

After pasting within the content, take an in depth check out your edit screen and do the following:

  • Find out and delete any rogue line breaks
  • Delete all tags, and their corresponding closing tags.
  • Make sure lists are formatted correctly, with each entry on a replacement line.
  • We’ll touch on a number of these points a touch more afterward. For now, once you’ve rooted out these formatting issues, inspect your Visual editor and therefore the front of your page or post. You ought to find that your content’s formatting is back to normal.

Formatting Headings in Word Press

This is often largely a cosmetic detail, and is said to the general design of the theme.

Fortunately, this will be easily changed within Word Press via two methods. First, you’ll use the heading menu within the Visual editor to pick the acceptable heading type:

Formatting Shortcuts in Word Press

These shortcuts are an excellent way of saving time when creating your content, and are automatically enabled.

For example, the shortcuts for cutting, copying, and pasting can all be used, as can those for basic formatting like italics and bold text. Links also can be added using CTRL-K on Windows, or Command–K on Mac.

As for specific Word Press options, we’re a fan of the adapted Markdown formatting shortcuts you’ll employ. For example:

  • Use pound signs (#) to designate a heading, typing during a number of symbols that matches the specified heading level (i.e. a level-3 heading would be ###).
  • Make an ordered list by just typing 1.
  • Begin with unordered list by using an asterisk (*) or a hyphen (-).
  • You can also activate shortcuts for comment moderation, by navigating to Users > Your Profile in your dashboard:

Formatting shortcuts in word press

There are plenty more shortcuts when copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues at your disposal, but these will likely be those you employ most frequently.

Word Press Formatting Plugins

Word Press offers many plugins which will assist you format your posts and pages correctly. There are two plugins when copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues.

TinyMCE Advanced

Word press formatting plugin

First up is TinyMCE Advanced. It offers variety of options, including extra list formats, the power to make and edit tables, and how to line the font family and size directly from the editor.

Advantages: This includes variety of practical features users will need.

Disadvantages: While TinyMCE Advanced may be a solid plugin, developers wishing for far more advanced functionality may have something more robust.

Cost: TinyMCE Advanced is liberal to download from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.


If you would like advanced formatting functionality, you’ll probably need a more comprehensive plugin. This solution – wp-Typography – might be what you’re trying to find.

There also are some developer-specific features, like variety of CSS hooks to assist you style other characters accordingly.

Advantages: This plugin will offer tons of character replacement and formatting options, which may both be twisted.

Disadvantages: This tool might not provide you with complete control over the weather you would like to format. It’s also a really developer-heavy solution to formatting text.

Cost: wp-Typography is free from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

Spacing and Line Break Errors in Word Press

Earlier, we talked about spacing and line break errors which may occur when you’re copying content over to Word Press from a third-party editor. Here are the steps you’ll got to take:

  • Go the visual editor’s Toolbar Toggle button, to display additional formatting options.
  • Bold all of your content.
  • Click on the Clear Formatting button (which seems like an eraser).
  • This will remove rogue tags, and will also clear our any spacing and line break issues.

WP Engine for Word Press Assistance

Regardless of your skill level when it involves Word Press, there’s always something new learn. Now that you simply skills to handle formatting properly  when copy and paste in Word press without formatting issues, you’ll want to think about how else you’ll expand your knowledge. WP Engine isn’t just a pacesetter in Word Press web hosting.

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